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C++: I/O Operations -1

C++ StreamsC++ is designed to work with a wide variety of devices. The I/O system supplies an interface to the programmer that is independent of the actual device being used.A stream is a sequence of bytes.The source stream that provides data to the program is called input stream.The destination stream that receives output from program is called output stream.A program extracts bytes from an input stream and inserts bytes into an output stream.
__________________________________________C++ Stream ClassesThe classes are ios, istream, ostream, iostream, streambuf .The class ios is declared as the virtual base class so that only one copy of its members are inherited by the iostream.istreamprovides the facilities for formatted and unformatted input.ostreamprovides the facilities for formatted output.
__________________________________________Unformatted I/O OperationsOverloaded Operators >> and <<:The  >> operator is overloaded in the istreamclass and << is overloade…

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